Affordable phone service is finally available with Koodo

519 Tech Services is an authorized Koodo Prepaid retailer

  • $30/month

    31GB 4G Data

    • Unlimited International Text & Picture Messaging
    • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
  • $40/month

    80GB 4G Data

    • Unlimited International Text & Picture Messaging
    • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling


Can I keep my current number?

Absolutely. We can port your number from your existing wireless provider to your new Koodo plan easily

Do I need photo ID to get service?

No photo ID is required to set up your account. However, we will need your full name, email address, and either a VISA Debit or credit card to set up your account

How much does it cost to setup?

We have zero activation fees and no charge for SIM card when activated in-store. The first month of your chosen rate plan is required upon activation and will be charged to the VISA Debit or credit card you provide for auto-top up.

What do I need in order to get setup?

Please see below for our activation checklist.

I have an outstanding balance owing to Telus/Bell/Rogers, will I have to pay this to get service?

No. There is no requirement to pay off previous balances from any other wireless provider in order to obtain service.

Canceling/porting your number over to Koodo Prepaid from a wireless provider does not waive or otherwise void your financial obligations or existing contracts to that wireless provider.

Is there a credit check?

There is no credit check when activating with Koodo prepaid.

Do we sell prepaid phones?

Our primary operation is the repair and refurbishment of cell phones and electronics. Our supply is fluid, and at any given time could have a variety of models available for purchase.

Head over to ourΒ buy pageΒ or give us a call to check what we have available.

Activation Checklist

In order to make your activation as quickly and seamless as possible, please ensure you have all the following information available.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Account NumberΒ (If porting an existing number. Please call your provider for this information. Inaccurate account number can delay your service)
  4. Canadian Visa DebitΒ or Canadian Credit Card (For auto-top up and first month payment. Debit cards without Visa debit not accepted)Β